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You have just found a new apartment online, surprisingly the landlord says it’s still available, even shows it to you and.. it’s perfect!

“I’ll take it and when can I move in?” you exclaim. The landlord replies “Next week if you want, but first we need to get the details in order”. ” Which details and what should i do now?” you reply.

So, what do you do now?

While finding the right home can be difficult it’s only half the work and the details of the rental agreement is quite important. Overall there are 6 steps to the rental process, I have omitted many minor details in the process description, the details however can be found in the other parts of this website.

The point of this post is to make the reader able to put all the other information presented on this website into context and understand how it relates to each other. Use this post to double check everything when you are about to enter into a rental agreement.

The 6 steps in the nretal proces