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For many expats and international students getting a CPR registration is a must. It’s needed to access many of the services the government offers as well as a legal requirement if you’re staying for an extended period. More important many companies like banks and phone companies require you to have a CPR number in order to become a customer.

Getting registered in CPR has several requirements but the one we will focus on here is the requirement that you need a place of residence in Denmark. A place of residence cannot be a hotel or other “temporary” residences, it must be what is defined as a permanent place of residence.

As a rule of thumb, no matter what you rent, whether it be a house, apartment or a room you should be able to get CPR registration. As a matter of fact, the law requires you to register your place of residence if you actually rent and live in a home.

One would hope that would be it and everything would go smooth, that is unfortunately not always the case.

If you rent a house or apartment then there won’t be an issue getting CPR registration as you are the only or main inhabitant of the dwelling. You don’t have to worry about CPR registration.

Subletting and getting CPR can be tricky

Renting a room or sub-letting an apartment from someone can present a challenge. There are two scenarios to be aware of, the first is that the person renting a room to you may not want you to register your residence at their address because if you do they have to declare the rental income and pay taxes. Those people would rather that you just rent a room or sublet without registering it anywhere in order to avoid taxes.

In Denmark when you are moving in with someone like when you are renting a room, then the authorities will contact the person already living there and ask them if it’s true that you are going to be living with them at their address. They have to answer yes to this question otherwise you can’t register your address there. This is why it’s important to find out what kind of person you’re dealing with, if they want to evade taxes, chances are you won’t be able to get CPR registration.

The second scenario is that there are quite a few people who are renting out rooms and subletting apartments without knowing the rules and limitations. There are limits on how much and how you can rent out rooms etc., at best you risk wasting time and money at worst you risk get evicted. Below I’ve listed the things to be aware of.

Renting a room

  • When renting out rooms you can at most rent out half of the rooms rounded down. So, in a 3-room apartment the owner can at most rent out 1 room. So if you see someone trying to rent out more than the law allows for, be careful.
  • When renting out rooms a limit on inhabitant comes in effect that states at most there can only live 1 person per room in the apartment. So, a 2-room apartment mean at most to people, a 3-room apartment mean at most 3 people. Therefore, if someone is living with their girlfriend in a 2-room apartment and wants to rent one for the rooms to you, they are breaking the law.
How to know if you can register for a CPR number

Subletting a home

  • If someone is subletting their apartment it is important to find out if they are allowed to sublet. Many landlords prohibit subletting in the lease/rental agreement so if someone is trying to sublet without permission than you risk getting evicted if it is discovered. Ask to see the persons rental agreement, don’t just take their word for it and if subletting is not mentioned in the rental agreement then ask if they have permission to sublet from their landlord. Even if subletting is not explicitly forbidden in the lease, there can still be circumstances that require the landlord’s permission to sublet.
  • As with renting a room when subletting an apartment, the limit of 1 inhabitant per room takes effect. So, if someone wants to sublet a 1-room apartment to you and your partner, that is illegal.
How to know if you can register for a CPR number

Word of advice

The most important factor is whether the landlord will let you register as a resident at their address. Technically there is nothing to prevent a landlord from renting you a room or subletting to you even when they don’t fulfill the requirements. Naturally I can’t recommend that you rent it anyway as you risk eviction if discovered or perhaps someone reports it.

Can I get CPR with Airbnb?

Technically yes, Airbnb is a tech platform and the homes listed there are not classified as hotels. If you can find a place that you can rent for a minimum of 3 months and the owner allows you to register your address there, then it’s no problem. Be aware that the landlord on Airbnb may have to sign a statement that he is allowing you to rent and live there long-term.

What is CPR?

CPR stands for “Det Centrale Personregister” and is Denmark national ID registry. It is a unique number identifying you and is used by government agencies and companies alike.

What are the requirements to getting CPR?

  • You are staying in Denmark for more than 3 months.
  • You have a registration certificate, if you are an EU citizen.
  • You hold a residence permit, if you are a non-EU citizen.
  • You have a place to live.

Where do you get CPR?

The municipality where you want to live will handle the CPR registration. Each municipality will have a “Borger service” or citizens service which handles alle the administrative tasks of the municipality. You can easily find information about these if you google “borger service” and the name of the city where you want to live.