About me

So, who is behind this website? Yeah This is me.

I’m a landlord living in Copenhagen and I started writing on this page after I had my first international student as a tenant. She would use google translate to read the contract and was trying to find out what to do and what was normal. So I decided to make this page as a pet project to see if I could help others in the same situation.

Also, I like discussing rental law, the property market and such so It’s actually fun for me and useful others. Before I started this site I actually searched a bit around the web for links to my tenant but I couldn’t find any resources in English. There are a ton of pages and forums in Danish that will cover rental law and your rights but nothing really useful in Danish.

The educational institutions have some resources but they are rather shallow in their explanation. My aim is to a better more in-depth job. I know this can be boring to some but it can save you a lot of money to understand your rights and what is going on in the rental market.

So, if you’re reading this page I hope you enjoy it and if not then I hope you at least benefit from it. If you have questions and/or feedback feel free to contact me.