Getting prepared for the danish rental market

Isn’t that an amazingly looking house? Sorry, but we don’t have houses like that in Denmark.

The first thing that I think an expat or student coming to Denmark should do is to get to know the situation in Copenhagen and Århus and most importantly adjust your expectations accordingly.

I often see and hear people with unrealistic expectations as to what size house or apartment they can get and also to the rent levels. If you have heard about Copenhagen beforehand then you have probably heard some of the frustrations from other expats and international students. Copenhagen can be very expensive, it can be difficult to find a place to live that is affordable, it will take time since there is a lot of competition. I have heard first hand from people claiming Copenhagen can be worse that Vienna, Paris or London if you come unprepared.

I’ll cover house and apartment sizes as well as rent levels on this site, so please read it so you don’t end up disappointed.

For the last couple of years there has been a shortage of smaller apartments in Copenhagen, putting an increasing pressure on rental prices and apartments available. Difficult does not mean impossible and people always get settled, but you can definitely make the process easier and faster for yourself.

So what I recommend is that you come prepared,

  • Read as much as you can about the city that you are to settle in.
  • Reach out to other expats and students.
  • Talk to your employer or the organization you’re associated with, they are fully aware of the situation.
  • Put in the work it takes to successfully hunt for a home in the bigger cities.
  • Build a network in Denmark. This will take time but will get you access to the cheaper options.
  • Finding a home is half the battle. Understanding renting in Denmark gets you a long way and you can avoid a lot of headaches later by being prepared going into a rental agreement.
  • Read everything on this site, I cover all of the above on this site. It contains advice and knowledge of every aspect from back to front.

Denmark and Copenhagen can be a wonderful country and city to live in. So don’t get discouraged, there is plenty of help to get. I wish you the best of luck finding a home.