Where to start looking for an apartment or shared room

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Most expats and students coming to Denmark usually don’t have that much time to look for a new home. You may just have gotten your acceptance letter to CBS or DTU (Danish technical university) and that leaves you with a few months to find a home. Perhaps you just accepted a new job or got stationed in Denmark and now you’re moving shortly. Let me start by saying that 3-4 months is not a long time to find a home if you want to live in any of the bigger cities like Copenhagen or Århus.  If you’re looking to settle elsewhere, outside the major cities you shouldn’t have to look for very long tough.

Of course, finding a home in Copenhagen can be easy if you very rich and don’t care about size of the apartment, location or rent, but that is rarely the case. The secret to finding a cheap home in Copenhagen is time, patience and persistence.

If you only have 3-4 months to find a home in Copenhagen and you don’t have a network there either. I suggest you don’t spend your time on trying to into the cheaper housing options. These can take years to get into. Your employer or university will not be able to get you into these either.

Be careful of scams when looking for a home and talking to potential landlords.

You should concentrate on finding a home to get established, get a CPR number, register your address and such, from there you can start looking for a more affordable and appropriate home. And I’m going to help you with that.

I’ll cover strategies and sites to use when looking for the better and cheaper apartments and houses in another segment. But for now, your best chance is to look for an apartment or a shared room in the private sector. There are many websites listing rental apartments, some are of course better than others. When you find a place that you can rent, look at the section on the rental process, it may be a long and detailed but understanding how renting works in Denmark can save you a lot of time and money.

These sites supports english

These sites are only in danish

I see people recommending www.dba.dk (Den blå avis – The blue paper) due to their high number of listings. Be carefull with this site as it has a large number of scammers posting there.