What is the private rental sector?

In the private sector, homes are built and rented on a for profit basis therefore expect rental prices to be higher and contracts to be more restrictive. Danish rental law does regulate the private market as well just expect landlords to use it to maximize their profits and benefits.

In order to make sure that landlords can’t demand anything they want the Danish rental law regulates the private sector in many ways. The private sector isn’t nearly as regulated as the public housing sector but it’s still regulated quite extensively. Danish law actually limits a lot of things in respect to what landlords can demand from their renter. Of course, there are those who always try to circumvent the law to maximize their profits.

So, who or what is the private rental market?

Well there are quite a few big players with several hundreds of apartments in their portfolios, but there are also a lot of landlords with only a handful of apartments. These landlords are typically small-time investors who placed their money in real estate rather than stocks or bonds. Lastly, you’ll probably notice there are many individuals who rent out their own homes. A classic example is that someone will rent out their home while travelling or moving in with a partner and testing their relationship.

Dealing with the amateurs

The big players know their rental law, they have a big operation and you likely won’t have any issue with the contract or the legality there of. You should be careful of the amateurs though, many of them don’t know their rental law and therefore write up contracts that are illegal. The people renting out their own home are usually just looking to cover their expenses so it’s ignorance rather than malice. The small-time investor types can be a hassle sometimes, I’ve met quite a few in my student days, they will try to squeeze you for every kroner they can. If you don’t know your rights under law then they will abuse that.

When talking to a potential landlord try and learn their motive, it can give you hints on what the relation with that landlord would be.

I can only recommend that you read about Danish rental and understand what a landlord can ask for and what they can’t ask for.