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Understanding how renting works

For anyone coming to Denmark it’s very important to note that what you rent can be very important for your rights and possibilities. The rental law applies differently based on whether your are renting a home (apartment or house), sub-renting a home or renting a room. The process you go through can be said to be the same but your rights as a tenant are very different. For example, if you rent a room in someones home, they can evict you without reason with a month’s notice. If you rent an apartment then at best the landlord can evict you but only with a years notice. Now thats a massive difference, in Copenhagen renting rooms is a popular option but as a tenant you are vulnerable to the whims of the owner.

So what do you actually need to know about renting and Danish rental law? You should know about the whole proces of renting, specific parts of the rental law and the difference between renting and sub-renting. All of these things I will guide you through on this site.

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